Room HUM is the smallest room, air conditioning, TV and private bathroom with shower... for 1 person


Room MUNTIC , bedroom with double bed, bathroom, TV, air conditioning... for 2 persons


Room RAFAELO, double bed, plus 1 extra bed, bathroom, TV, air conditioning...for 2 persons


Room THEATRO, bedroom with double bed and extra bed, bathroom, TV, air conditioning...for 3 persons


Room  ISTRA and bedroom with double bed and two extra beds, bathroom, air conditioning, TV...for 4 persons

Depadance ADRIANE

Depadance ADRIANE is a separate house with terrace in the yard of the pension, for 3 - 5 persons

 Agrotourism ISTRA PARTNER - Bratulići - Barban

On the old road Pula-Rijeka, at a distance of 20 km from Pula and Pula Airport and 7 km from the sea in the Municipality of Marčana, the municipality with the longest coastline in Istria, in a small village named Bratulići, a village with about 20 permanent inhabitants and a few modern houses with pools, there is a rural guest house AGROTOURISM ISTRA PARTNER, built in 2005 in the traditional style.

The owners of the rural guest house AGROTOURISM ISTRA PARTNER, Bratulići, are the family Lupetina, a family that provides mostly by itself, without any other employees, accommodation services in five rustically furnished rooms in old Istrian style (the price includes a classic hotel breakfast, whereas Istrian breakfast can be provided with prior notice), and food and beverage services in our RESTAURANT  AGRO. The restaurant requires prior table reservation and it is ideal for the needs of our rural house guests.

In the AGRO RESTAURANT, which is an integral part of the rural guest house AGROTOURISM ISTRA PARTNER, we serve ingredients of natural origin, partly of our own production and partly from local family farms.

The restaurant offers all kinds of traditional Istrian specialties, prosciutto ham, cheese, hand made pasta, home grown lamb, kid, Istrian beef “boskarin, truffle sauce, wild mushrooms, salad with pickled asparagus or mushrooms made by the hosts, homemade jams made with wild strawberries, plums, quinces, or kiwis from our garden, where kiwi plants provide amazing shade on the restaurant terrace in the summer months.

Guests of the rural guest house AGROTOURISM ISTRA PARTNER are offered the opportunity to join the owners in harvesting young wild asparagus (at the beginning of April), truffle hunting (May and October), and walking through the surrounding forests in search of edible mushrooms (October and November) as the guest house owners are outstanding experts in wild edible mushrooms.

Of course, in the summer months, when our rural guest house AGROTOURISM ISTRA PARTNER, Bratulići, is full with people interested in new forms of vacation, mostly active holidays, and repeat guests from previous summer seasons, the owners provide them advice on visits to natural and cultural sites in Istria, from the nature park Rt Kamenjak and national park Brijuni Islands to the amphitheatre (a.k.a. Arena) in Pula, old Istrian towns and small towns such as Rovinj, Grožnjan or Motovun.

The rural guest house AGROTOURISM ISTRA PARTNER  Bratulići, also offers its guests the services of organization of horse riding school at the ranch BARBA TONE, fishing, quad driving school and tours, jeep safari organized by our friends from ISTRA ADVENTURE, or visit the adrenalin park in the 2 km distant village of Glavani.

With excursions or visits to 7 km distant wild beaches that can usually be reached by green lanes i.e. unpaved tracks, our guests complete their need to explore our beautiful Istrian countryside, and in the evening they come back to the guest house where the owners welcome them with daily fresh specialties prepared according to their wishes.

After dinner and a glass of homemade Istrian wine, white Malvazija, red Teran, or sweet or dry rosé and Muscat, and the inevitable homemade brandy in various flavours, our guests are ready to go to bed. As far as the night’s rest is concerned, many of them told us that the silence of the night interwoven with owl hooting or distant dog barking simply fascinated them and didn’t let them drift off to sleep.

This is the reason,along with the type of food offered in our AGRO RESTAURANT,which is based on ingredients grown by local farmers and on our own estate, why many of our guests call our guest house a real small ISTRIAN AGRITOURISM, a destination that provides a variety of activities in one place: working in our gardens, encounters with farm animals and learning of our life together with them, excursions and bathing on still clean and unspoiled wild beaches in eastern Istria on the stretch between Pula and Rabac - the tourist venue of the nearby Labin, and enjoying all the delicacies of our area.

For years we have had many guests returning to our estate and this very fact makes us strive each year to be better and provide a more varied offer.




Agrotourism Istra Partner

Owner: family Lupetina
Bratulići 17, 52207 Barban

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